iKlips miReader 4K + 16GB

$30.00 ex. Vat

This pocket size device features a lightning pin adaptor, micro-USB port and micro-SD card slot (expandable up to 256 GB) enabling you to capture, view and store your 4K videos, DSLR photographs, GoPro action clips and many other documents and easily share them between any iOS, Android, Mac or PC. Engineered to deliver faster transfer speeds and designed to resist damage. 3 Year International Warranty

Instantly expand your device’s memory by up to 256GB* or simply use it as a Micro USB-to-Lightning adapter.

  • iPhone/iPad 4K Card Reader With Extended Storage On The Go Up To 256GB
  • Apple MR Certified (Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod)
  • Supports exFAT Format Allowing You To Transfer Single Files Larger Than 4GB.
  • Ultra Fast Transfer Technology Support Up To 80MB/s For Micro USB And Lightning 30 MB/s
  • Works With Your GoPro, Micro Drone, Dash Cam And Pro DSLR Camera.
  • Backup, View, Transfer, Capture And Manage All Your Photos, Music, Videos, Documents Directly From iKlips miReader 4K.
  • Passcode Touch ID Support, The World’s First iKlips App For macOS And Windows To Let You Easily Lock/Unlock Files In Any Platform You Prefer.
  • * 16GB C10 Series microSD Card Included with package.

Key Features

  • 4K Video Playback and Share
  • GoPro & Drone Support
  • Support for Any Phone Case
  • exFAT Support - Better Performance for Large Files
  • AirPlay Support
  • Data Encryption
  • Multiple Format Media Support
  • Social Media & Contact Backups