OMNIA Q1 Wireless Charger

$42.00 ex. Vat

Today, many new phones, such as iPhone 8/X/XS and a few Android units, natively support the “Qi” wireless charging technology, which allows the phones to get power from a flat pad instead of a dangling cable. While you can choose from a variety of charging pads on the market, not all pads are created equal. OMNIA Q1 from Adam Elements, is highly efficient, safe and enlightening to the eyes.

Key Features

  • Superior compatibility with all Qi enabled devices
  • OMNIA Q1 comes with over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature protection in addition to the concentric cooling pattern on the surface
  • Transmits uninterrupted charging power directly through heavy-protection phone cases
  • The advanced fixed-frequency voltage regulator and efficient heat dissipation design cut charging time for as much as 30% compared to normal 5w wireless chargers