Travellers Exclusive 32GB

$45.00 ex. Vat

Backup, store and share contacts/media files/documents between iOS and Android devices and any MAC/PC with this USB 3.0 pocket-sized 32GB FlashDrive. Stores approximately 32,000 songs, photos or up to 200 full movies for playback or transfer anytime, anywhere! Does NOT require an Internet connection or power supply to work. Package Includes a Micro SD Card / USB adaptor- an ideal memory expansion solution for all travellers that is compatible with any computer or PC. (Storage capacity may vary depending on file size and format)​

Key Features

  • The First flash drive with superspeed USB 3.0, lightning and micro USB connections
  • Extra storage on iPhone, iPad & Android OTG devices ​
  • Copy files between Ios devices, Mac&PC and android OTG with Photofast traveler’s exclusive ​
  • Free app for Auto file management, Backup & security​
  • Easy to use user interface – no need to organize your files, just transfer and the app does the rest for you​
  • Secure access with applock and Accessory lock 
  • Backup all your essentials, contacts/calendars/photos​
  • No network or WiFi required – playback or transfer everywhere at anytime
  • ITunes-free – Use Photofast EVO plus on MAC and PC to access Data​